Katadyn BeFree portable water filtration system

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No matter what you're doing, hydration is key.

Small enough to carry on every trip, dependable enough to rely on when racing or travelling light, the Katadyn BeFree is a class-leading personal water filtration system.

Ultra light, ultra portable and fast, with a flow rate of up to 2 litres per minute.

The main component is the 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm) hollow fibre filter, which filters out bacteria, protozoan cysts and sediment.

This is coupled with a collapsible, roll-up flask in 1 Litre or 0.6 Litre sizes, which features an easy-fill 42mm wide opening.

The filter membrane is easy to clean by simply shaking or swishing, with no backflushing or special tools necessary.

The Katadyn Befree is also brilliant for hiking, camping, backpacking and worldwide travel, especially if you can't trust local drinking water sources.

Guaranteed for 2 years, with the replaceable filter able to process up to 1000 Litres of water.


1 Litre - 63g

0.6 Litre - 59g

100% PVC and BPA free.