NZERO Liquid Ski Wax Applicator - Snowboard

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A truly breakthrough product - liquid organic snowboard wax in a handy applicator bottle!

NZERO's award-winning liquid wax is plant-based, non-toxic, high performance and completely biodegradeable. It's also fluorine and paraffin free and safe for plants, water and animal life.

Simply spread a layer of wax on the surface of your snowboard, wait a few minutes, then polish with a brush or cloth. 

Perfect for all weather and all snow conditions, specially formulated for snowboarding.

Whether you buy or rent your snowboard, it's now easy to refresh the wax daily to maintain peak performance - without having to take it to a service centre.

It's time to ditch oil-based, toxic products and look after the planet. There is another way.

• 100% Organic and biodegradable plant-based formula

• Perfect for improving the performance of rental 'boards

• Free from Petrochemicals, fluorine and paraffin

• Non-toxic - does not contaminate the snow, mountains, drinking water, or wildlife

• Suitable for all snow conditions from 0 to -30 degrees C

• Travel-sized 100ml recycled / recyclable applicator

• Designed and ethically produced in the EU

• Tested by professionals

• Improves the performance of your snowboard

Works perfectly with the NZero Horsehair Brush - click here