SOTO Amicus Stove

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For a truly authentic bikepacking experience, there's nothing like the self-sufficient bliss of cooking on your own stove.

Not to mention that anywhere you go you'll need freshly boiled water for your Wacaco portable espresso pump!

The SOTO Amicus features 4 fold-out pot supports and a concave burner for wind shielding, and an impressive output of 3023W.

It even has a built-in piezo ignition system for easy lighting, and still manages to weigh in at a meagre 81g and measure just 71mm high!

If you need a tried-and-tested tiny stove that packs a punch, then look no further.

The SOTO Amicus is compatible with all standard isobutane canisters. (Please note: A canister is not included with this stove)

Key Features

  • Weight: 81g
  • Height: 71mm
  • Output: 3023W
  • 4 Fold-out pot supports
  • Concave burner for wind shielding
  • Built-in piezo ignition system
  • Compatible with all standard isobutane canisters